Cupra Ateca 2020 UK ( abt cupra ateca )review

Cupra Ateca 2020 UK ( abt cupra ateca )review

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Cupra Ateca 2020 UK ( abt cupra ateca )review

Cupra's overall performance SUV receives mid-lifestyles tweaks but is it now outshone via the newer Formentor 

 ? What is it

Yesterday’s information, if we are being a chunk flippant. Cupra has an emblem-new debutant being promoted from the rafters: the Formentor. It’s an extensive milestone for the Spanish performance marque as its first bespoke product designed one after the other from its Seat near relation 

The Formentor is likewise tremendous on this context because it’s an SUV, and one of broadly (however now not exactly) comparable size to the first version released with best Cupra badges: the Ateca. So why, you might ask, does a sub-logo turned logo in its very own right commit two-thirds of its version variety to effectively the equal magnificence of vehicle 

There are trains of thought. The first is that whatever Cupra sells - and it ought to sell, due to the fact few brands have the coins for vanity tasks nowadays - has to be a favoured product no longer just for a maximum of Europe, however now new markets inclusive of Mexico, and likely others. Given Cupra's positioning, which means sporty SUVs, and spun off the same platform is higher than one 

The second one is that the Ateca itself has the form of executed its job of organising Cupra in its years on sale. Along with the Leon, which for some reason stored its Seat badging till the new version lately arrived, Cupra clocked up nearly 25,000 income last 12 months. But for the brand to succeed on its own, as DS has for Citroën, it should regularly flow faraway from rebadged, steroid-injected Seats.

So with the Formentor around, is there any real motive to buy the Ateca? Surely, Cupra thinks so, having facelifted the latter, which we’re using for the first time.

What is it like 

Now not notably distinct from the old automobile. Possibly it is no marvel for a Volkswagen institution facelift, however, we expected extra attempt to increase this car’s lifespan a piece, given it’s a technology in the back of the Leon and Formentor.

Externally, as with the up to date Seat Ateca, it’s a light re-get dressed with new LED light designs and tweaks to the front fascia to engender more visible aggression. Aluminium-impact detailing and trinkets consisting of puddle lights displaying the striking brand move some manner to liven it up, but it’s a pretty diffused renewal for a subtly attractive SUV 


It’s the identical story inner, and that is fundamentally in which the Ateca seems most previous nowadays. Sure, there’s now a virtual cockpit, better voice control and a supportive pair of Alcantara sports activities seats, however, our automobile lacked the brand new wheel layout with a neat, Audi R8-fashion integrated engine start button.

It also doesn’t get the newer, more minimalist dashboard design, and although it does use the modern-day infotainment software program and virtual dials, it doesn’t receive the high-mounted sleek touchscreen panel of its siblings. Frankly, we’re not massive fanatics of the brand new layout’s loss of physical weather-manage switchgear, but even as the button-heavier Ateca is greater ergonomically sound, it does seem quite darkish, bland and oh-so-2016 in there 

The Ateca is still the space champion of Cupra, although, with the clean cause being that the Formentor functions as a style-led coupé alternative. Even though shorter, the Ateca is a full 150mm taller, with easier ingress and egress, extra rear headroom and a barely larger boot. But the Formentor is a chunk longer to account for its sloping rear cease. To be honest, both are plenty roomy sufficient for most own family desires and the Ateca isn’t substantially better in that appreciate 

Possibly by it being the new youngster on the block, the Formentor is 10bhp extra effective than the Ateca, which has the same 296bhp 2.0-litre faster EA888 unit as the pre-facelift car. However, the off-the-line tempo of the latter has advanced via revisions to the all-wheel pressure system and throttle mapping, taking the 0-62mph time simply underneath the five-2d mark 

You’d power it back-to-back with the pre-facelift automobile to certainly figure a difference, we reckon. And, greater to the factor, the identical issue we raised whilst reviewing the outgoing model stays, in that, because of an aggregate of being higher off the road and drastically heavier than something like a Cupra Leon, it doesn’t feel quite as fast as the figures endorse all through in-tools acceleration 

The kick in the back you’d get from the engine-sharing VW organization hot hatchback equivalents is dulled a bit, although, without that context, it’s nevertheless an agreeably rapid SUV with an engine of stellar flexibility if no longer a fantastic well of person. The whip-crack twin-seize automated adjustments, accompanied via the now-traditional EA888 exhaust fart, do boom the theatre, even though. And acceleration Cupra ateca

All over again, familiarity reigns inside the updated car’s usual dynamics. As earlier than, adaptive chassis control is popular, while the most effective incredible revisions are tweaks to the guidance set-up and a new Brembo brake choice (no longer suited for our car). It’s capable, effective and composed, but far from perfect. Accesorios Cupra ateca 

Despite the dampers of their slackest mode, there isn’t quite sufficient compliance for our liking. You may by no means surely get away the feeling that engineers time-honored compromise here to help prop up the tall, heavy body to a first-rate degree in harder driving. Which will be excellent, but on Britain’s gnarliest street sections, the vertical bounce and crash of pothole impacts can grate 

It additionally manner that, notwithstanding being smooth to area way to pleasingly quick and weighty steering, it can get knocked off line quite sharply via mid-corner lumps when you up the pace. There are none of the faint rear-pushed sensations of the Golf R and new Audi S3, either, with its prodigious grip giving way to regular front-cease wash. Akrapovic auspuff Cupra ateca

Need to I buy one 

Notwithstanding the dynamic foibles, there’s a succesful car right here. The experience honestly isn’t deal-breakingly tough, and although remaining dynamic attraction is lacking, the Cupra Ateca is a powerful enough rapid daily driving force 

The familiar muscular and responsive powertrain - which nevertheless excels in low-rev refinement - is present, too. However as well as feeling less mighty than its hot hatch siblings, it’s quite thirsty. We in no way saw something greater than the high 20s to the gallon even when trying. accesorios Cupra ateca 2020 

It’s possibly too easy to compare the Ateca to equivalent hatchback services, wherein it falls short, even as ignoring the versatility and desirability benefits of the SUV frame. However, the compromises are a touch too glaring here. And the prettier, brisker and dynamically greater rounded Formentor shows what Cupra is capable of while it honestly gets to do its element, and that’s in which our money might go. Akrapovic auspuff Cupra ateca

Technical specs

The model examined: Cupra Ateca 2.Zero TSI 4Drive

Charge: £39,050

Price as examined: £39,050

Engine: 4 cyls in line, 1984cc, turbocharged, petrol

Transmission: 7-spd twin-grab automatic


296bhp at 5300-6500rpm


295lb-ft at 2000-5200rpm

Driveline format

Front-engine, front-wheel power



Top pace


Kerb weight (DIN)


Gasoline economy




BIK tax band


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